Prayer Blockages

Got to hurt some believers now. So you’ve been praying and it is said “ask and you shall receive.” Since you did not read and rightly divide the whole scripture, you are now “butt hurt” because you haven’t seen the fulfillment of YOUR WILL. That same scripture you skirted makes it clear that there are actually conditions on prayer, and different kinds of prayer. For “request” prayers, the constraint is that that which is requested is desired for the fulfillment of GOD’S WILL in your life. Notice what I just said. Not my will, but THY will. How many times do I want something for me because I want it and ask God and then get an attitude because it does not come to fruition, without asking prior whether that thing was in keeping with God’s will generally and specifically with God’s will for my life or for those outside myself who might be the object of my prayer (intercession)? Even more, do I have a RELATIONSHIP with God and am I obedient or striving to be with His discipline every day, and not just when I need or want something? I know I just hurt some folks cause I hurt me with this Word today.


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