Cash Flow Political Principles

Voting can only get people ELECTED and while that may be a first step, what runs politics in the US is ECONOMICS. It is ECONOMICS that finances the campaigns, ECONOMICS that lobbies politicians once they are elected, ECONOMICS that provides the seed money for the projects you want to see in the community. We keep errantly believing that we vote first and then we get money. The only money you get after voting is state money which makes you dependent, not independent. It’s the same error that makes broke folk build nonprofits and think they will develop an economic base on that. So I was reading someone who was saying something about a local councilman not managing some development funds correctly for the interest of the community and I agreed, but the proposed cure was merely to vote for someone else. I have come to believe that ECONOMICS is more important than voting. There are many people like the Koch Brothers who have tremendous influence over the government and it’s not their voting, but the billions they put in to steer things to their preferred direction. Even if we had a different councilperson, do we believe we would actually have more control over the funds when the funds are not ours? Don’t get me wrong, I pray that those the community supports win their elections, but I still got my eyes on the prize. My fear is that if we don’t get on this economic base thing, we will elect some folk and still be whining as always about “dem folk don’t represent us” cause they gots to represent the cash flow.


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