Huey’s “Tip”

I think unity is overrated as a prerequisite for effective strategic and tactical action in our collective interest. I think it is Eurocentric history which lied about our struggle and told us our progress was through mass movement and marches. Rubbish. We have always had those among us who were not going. The slave who actually wanted to stay on the plantation, the slave who thought the plantation was home, the one who didn’t but would sell you out for a new pair of shoes, the one who didn’t but just wouldn’t actually do the work of liberation, the spy, the traitor who Harriet had to shoot for trying to go back halfway. We have never been monolithic or had unanimity and for me after 400 years of misdirection thinking we are going to get unity is insane. If you get a unanimous vote by our people at a meeting, your resolution must not actually be changing anything.

Huey said it. As Afrikans, we worked in surgical strikes using the tip of the spear. When you attack the beast, the WHOLE spear never penetrates. If you try to make it do so, you get too close and the beast will slay you. Instead you hurl it, having sharpened the tip and poisoned it. The tip penetrates and lays down the beast so then we can all safely approach and begin cutting it up, hollowing it out, and devouring it. We have a class of hunters who are trained to sharpen and hurl those spears accurately, a special group, and the masses cannot and should not approach the beast until we have made the entry and laid it down. Too often those of us who are or could be the tip argue we won’t until the masses come. They will not since they are not the hunters with the sharpest tip but they will come to our feast when we have done our jobs. If we wait for unity before acting as we were sent to do, the people will either go hungry or die at the hands of the beast or rightly attack us for standing around with spears doing nothing..Politicians..Cough…Ministers..Cough, cough…Entertainers..Cough…Cough..gag…”conscious folk”…Choke..wheeze…


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