On The Status of Women

Mini Sermon:  So the woman is born of the rib of man. And then people use this to act as if the woman is lesser. Certainly, if He chose, God could have created the woman from nothing or with materials independent of the man. Yet He chose to fashion her of something inside of him, defining her as part of him. He would forever be incomplete without her. And why the rib? Certainly if He chose, He could have taken any body part. But the rib is part of one of the two most vital structures in the human body. The first is the skull which protects the fragile brain or mind. The second is the rib cage which encases the heart and the lungs. Obviously if either of them stop working or are excessively damaged you die. To protect them, God designed an encasing that consists of the strongest bones and layers of tissue we have. So this woman would not only be part of him, but she would be the possessor (the one who holds) of his heart and the one within whom he breathes, in whom his spirit is given a place to abide. She would encapsulate his spirit in the same way that the church, when two or three are gathered, plays host to the Holy Spirit which therein indwells and thus she was to be loved by this man as God loved His church. Finally, she is called woman, or womb of man, not rib of man, and the womb is the source of life and so she would be the source of his life and sustenance. Next to God, there would be no one so important, so close, so knowing of him and his needs and his aspirations and his feelings and so able to give them life and vitality and help in bringing them to realization than she. So no man can disrespect or diminish the status of a woman or women in general truly and be obedient to God. More importantly, he cannot do so and expect his heart and spirit and rebirth to be complete. Finally, no woman should ever diminish herself and her right to respect for she alone is given the gift of bringing forth life as did God Himself and of playing this vital role. So many men suffer today from “rib deficiency syndrome” where they either have none, nor know that if they do, she is to be situated closest to his heart and spirit.


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