Pp Propoganda

The greatest Eurocentric liberal scam foisted on Afrikan people IMHO, is convincing them that Planned Parenthood, an organization born out of white supremacy, eugenics, forced sterilization, and advocacy of population control for those deemed “undeserving”, is actually a synonym for “women’s health,” much less African women’s health. And the idea that this organization represents the ONLY possible vehicle for delivery of women’s health care is laughable. Count me out.

It’s like trying to resuscitate the Klan as a church. Impossible. There is no way that organization can deny its ties to Margaret Sanger, to the “Negro Project,” to the American Eugenics Society, to forced sterilization, population control theory and a ton of other rubbish and rather than try, they just ask you to do what white supremacy always does, ignore history and unite with us in spite of.
I support women’s health but I reject the notion that I have to support an organization that at its inception did not consider me a human being to do so and I’m so pained that so many sisters, ignorant of this history, get roped into thinking a vote for pp is truly a vote for their own health.
Now where Eurocentric conservatives fail here is that they offer no viable state or private alternatives, thus appearing to validate the liberals argument. So the net result is that Eurocentric liberalism AND conservatism leave African women and others in the same place, relying on a white supremacist organization for “health care.”
And full disclosure I am for legal abortion but opposed to it on moral grounds. My problems with Planned Parenthood are not therefore about its positions on abortion and whether it should be legal or not, but rather on its history of co-optation by and collaboration with white supremacy.


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