Comments on Jewish Statehood. 

Comments on the distinction between Biblical Zionism and political Zionism:
One of my squabbles with the Zionist state of 1948 is their attempt to equate Biblical Zionism, the restoration by God of Biblical Israel, which I believe in, with Political Zionism which was a construction of particular European Jews in collaboration with European nationalists and colonialists (many of the latter anti-Semitic) who saw the relocation of large numbers of Jewish people from Europe under a banner of Jewish nationalism as advancing their interest of expelling Jewish presence from Europe.

Neither Palestinians nor the European Jewish people who relocated under that ideologically constructed banner were responsible for this. And the result was entirely predictable,  as it would be anywhere you force two culturally divergent populations together. One extant and the other encroaching (think the reception of Arab immigrants in Europe today, or the European imperial expeditions into indigenous areas of the “New World” )…conflict, mutual recrimination, vigilante violence, discrimination, etc on all sides. 

Many of the British colonialists who supported the Balfour declaration were anti-Jewish and with the fall of Hitler, more nefarious means of solving the “Jewish question” were permanently discredited. They changed their approach to getting Jewish people to voluntarily leave under the rhetoric of returning to the historical homeland. They neglected to mention that the intervening years had brought other religions, cultures, and people’s into the majority in that space and war immediately ensued. Jewish people and Palestinians had to fight for their lives while the British and the European political Zionists who got them into the conflict sipped tea and acted like it was an act of God. Both tried to use the Torah and Bible to justify what was essentially an imperialist state structure over a colonial frame.


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