Taking You “Through” Rather Than “Around”

Too often the prayer of the fearful and faith-weak Christian is “Lord, move this mountain before me.” Each day this worried believer gazes at the summit before him or her and wonders if the Lord has heard their prayers. But the Lord always hears His righteous and answers in His time and in His way. What they missed in their focus on their will that the mountain be gone is the pair of mountain climbing boots and the rope God left with their name on it at the base. The focus is not making it easy for you to achieve your will, but to glorify Him as you fulfill His will and sometimes the path to fulfillment to His will is not moving the mountain but proving his perfect plan and the sufficiency of His grace in climbing! God doesn’t always make the impossible “easy”, but He always makes it possible. Missing your climbing boots and rope and their intended role in your progressive sanctification towards the image of Christ, is like stopping Joseph’s story with him in bondage or in prison. Seeking just to avoid misses the significance of OVERcoming or having a breakTHROUGH, both of which grant you a powerful testimony. 


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