Satan Ain’t Got No “Power” Over Here

A group of Christians have been debating Satan’s supposed “power.” I think that is theological rubbish and dangerous rubbish because it implies there is power apart from and independent of God. Even worse, that fallacious idea sets you up for the contradictory theological position that God’s will involves evil. Punishment and justice, yes, but evil with malicious intent, absolutely not. That is lie from hell itself. Remember, I came not to judge the world but to save. For God so LOVED the world. How could He want Satan to do evil as part of His will? This leads to the kind of theology that says when a child is shot in a drive by, that was God’s will. No it’s God’s will that the soul of that innocent child is saved. The murder was man’s evil will, with Satan’s delusionary influence. And that is not a “power.” Satan was stripped of his real “power” when he rebelled against God. He comes AS a roaring lion, meaning a fake one. He’s a fraud, a charlatan, and we can all be that and become that when we are not true to our faith. He’s just the master of it. But power is not merely the capacity to suggest or lie. It’s influence and Satan’s influence is inversely proportional to the strength of one’s faith in God. God gives believers a REAL power called discernment which cuts through the lies, but to access this or any power of God you must be in Christ. So the devil didn’t and couldn’t make you do it, he merely made a suggestion and you were too spiritually weak and blind to see that you were being deceived. There is no war anymore between God and Satan. Christ has defeated him. It is FINISHED. Satan has as his inheritance, death and hell and he merely wants to see how many he can delude into giving up their own offered, ransomed gift of salvation through grace, so he won’t be lonely. Stop being afraid of a stuffed animal “lying king” and as scripture says call him by name in faith and He will ultimately flee from you.  That ain’t him being “powerful,” that’s him being pitiful.

The Lord (remember Him?) said Satan CANNOT as in cain’t, no way, no how, take from His hand whomever His father has given Him. The one called Paul asked “what can take us away from the love of God?” and he concluded nothing, not even death itself. So when you start that lie about what Satan is FORCING you to do with all his supposed “power,” what you are really saying is that you left God’s hand and wandered over to where he was or that you were never in the hand of the one who holds the universe in the first place. Boom! Would be children of God without weakness or fear scared of what a defrocked sender of false prophets gone do. Please! Away with that Eurocentric theological rubbish that has kept freed former prisoners and former enslaved people walking in shackles and cowering in their former cells of the old man and woman. My God BEAT the devil. TKO, it’s over. And when his defeated, raggedy self comes crawling round me, I tell him to get behind me or be made my footstool in God’s name. I am a servant of the Lord and child of the Most High God. Fear the devil? Devil you better fear ME when I am about my Father’s business. God says by His power should you come as His servant I will bind you and by my faith will you stay bound in heaven and earth. If you got this white supremacist, Eurocentric “casino” faith where you not sure of His victory and yours, you already lost. Somebody mad bout this true Word God gave me for you today. But He told me somebody needed to walk in certain knowledge of their success, of their overcoming, of their healing in His name and He said I could not play, sugarcoat, or comfort with it. So..whoop there it tee I ess tis.


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