You Need To Ask Yoself

So if Christ has ALREADY given you the victory and God the power and the great commission to go and make disciples, why do Rev. Crept Low ‘N Took Yo Dollar and his crew keep teaching you about the evil one and his supposed great power? Because they want you to need THEM as intercessors against him and his supposed power, rather than the One who was and is the only intercessor and before the throne of the one who alone has true power, God.  Whereas His gift of salvation through grace is FREE, they charge you handsomely and regularly. Okay, I know..I need to leave ya’ll alone before you find out tithing ain’t part of the new covenant and other stuff the slave masters and their henchmen and women don’t want you to know. Still paying indulgences for God’s favor when Christ was the full and complete oblation?


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