Tired Of ‘Black” Body Bags

Got to “officially” get in trouble again. I kept wondering why I could not really get up much enthusiasm to get behind a “black lives matter” movement even though I agreed generally with the campaign against white supremacy and police brutality. There was just a logical impediment. Who was that message for? If they’re saying black lives matter to a system in which it doesn’t, then it’s errant because they then had the obligation to move toward fundamental change of the system or at least of their relationship to it Yet, most of the “black lives matter’ people I actually saw couched their arguments in civil rights terms that presumed the persistence of the system they allegedly wanted and needed to change and their relationship as “citizens” within it. Malcolm said not to expect justice in the court systems of the US for our people because the system of justice here was established on the basis of the subjugation and later “policing” and incarceration of Afrikans and other disadvantaged people. So it sounded like they were out begging the system again. On the other hand, if they were pushing “black lives matter” for our own people then the forum and methodology was wrong. I don’t show “black lives matter” among us by walking with signs or wearing T-shirts, but by corralling resources, buying land, opening schools and actually doing the work of kujichagulia. So for me “black lives matter” was faulty as a concept to organize around. If you’re telling the system, it’s just going to say “no dey don’t” and keep rolling (has police brutality decreased any?). And if you telling US and it ain’t being operationalized and implemented through real institutions and social structures that in fact are necessary to actually preserve and sustain the lives you say “matter,’ then eventually it will just devolve into a slogan we all remembered and marched around with and invoke when we want to show people how “activist” we USED to be. 

Seriously how many folks with that slogan have actually tried to form collective defense institutions designed to protect our people and interests? The reason the system can justify its presence in our communities among their own people and its rationales for killing them, among other people and among US, is because since the decline of the REAL Panthers, we have failed to create and maintain any viable external collective defense and/or internal dispute resolution structure of sufficient size and scope. I wrote my first book on it for this reason. Land may be the basis for independence but if you have no system of your own for defending that land from external foes or internal dissension and agent provocateurs, you might as well be landless. And I don’t mean idiots walking around shooting their own people or vigilantes targeting random individuals for reprisal.
And we have to put the theological duct tape on any one who says that God requires that you allow yourself and your loved ones to be killed to be righteous in Christianity. That’s straight up bull from hell. God, the real one, provided for the defense of his people in battle. He sent His son to be a martyr, the only one necessary and sufficient so that WE COULD HAVE LIFE IN ABUNDANCE. And He did this as a gift of grace and none of us could or can do anything to “deserve” or earn it. Therefore I am a fool if I think or teach or preach that I’m suppose to and HAVE to die, or allow my family or people to die in order to be good with God. That is slave theology. I’m even supposed to defend the physical assets of the church God has entrusted me with. Mlk jr had a gun he got to defend his family. It was not theology that prevented him from carrying it when he might have thought it necessary, but one of his “liberal” “friends” who told him that the popular,”read white,” perception of him might be impaired if he was seen with one. So essentially “white” folk would have thought him a threat to them personally the same way everybody, including many of our own people, assume we cannot carry or wield weapons, if need be, in a responsible manner. And I am not “pro gun.” I am pro self and collective defense and I know guns exist and countering them and countering with them must be part of any intelligent strategy for individual and collective defense.


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