The Sordid Origins of “Afro Space Cadetry”

So many in the movement I call “space cadets” desire some identity beyond the earth or other people. For them one land and anything short of a fictional universal divinity, conditioned by ideologies, most of which were born in the 1920s out of the disillusionment of the ultimate failure of the Garvey campaign, is too small. They create fictional non-Afrikan identities to link themselves to magical lands, nonexistent historical designations, ancient stuff and they even try to dress, speak, and act like they are from these places. Even worse, they believe they are wiser than their people for having done so. As a result they style themselves “conscious.’ Most have a made up fictional bit of Afrikan history, mixed in with a few grains of truth, and an ideology that usually dates back to some person who made the ideology up. I consider this the psychological effect of Du Bois “double consciousness.”

White supremacy made these people feel so inferior as Afrikans and precluded any consideration of them as “Americans.” The collapse of Garveyism was so demoralizing that out of the ashes came this new psychological response of constructing an unassailable fictional identity set that would serve the purpose of making you more superior than Americans and also elevated you out of lowly Afrikaneity. So now we are Asiatics, Moors, Hebrews, Nuwabians, gods, queens, princesses and the list goes on and on. This would be quaint and pitiable if it were not so false historically and manufactured. I literally can name the founder of each of these ideologies. It makes these people largely useless to the real struggle outside of their little organizations to the larger Afrikan world. In fact, with few exceptions most real Afrikans have little connection with this stuff like when Haile Selassie rebuffed the divinity thrust upon him by Rastafarianism. Wallace Fard and Clarence X came out of jail. Dr. York has never been a doctor and is rightfully still in jail for child molestation and is a diagnosed mentally ill patient. Noble Drew Ali killed a rival to take over another organization. I could go on with Father Divine, Yahweh Ben Yahweh, Rev. Ike. All of that stuff. I go back to Dr. Clarke who, while respected by these folk, was no fan who said until Afrikans, whatever they choose to be called, claim their real land and heritage on the ground and stop claiming minority status here or on other planets, in other times, and choose to be themselves and know that that is greatness enough, we will suffer.
When you have no leadership, tactics, or strategy for dealing with persistent present oppression and you have no real collective institutions to express your will, you retreat somewhere. It’s the same as going to alcohol to escape your troubles. False identity creation and psycho-spatial displacement is like a drug that psychologically eases the pain but does not address the underlying symptoms.


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