Sneaky Individualism

I read a social media post. ‘When you heal yourself, you heal the collective.” That’s totally false and Eurocentric rather than Afrikan. Certainly when you are healed you are in a position to do part of the collective work of healing the community, but equated individualism with collective work is errant. Too often we confuse these. You can be rich, your people poor. You can be in great health, you people sick and so on. This kind of “American” ideology, which took over among us in the 60s is why we glorify idols like Jay Z and others as if they personally have anything to do with our collective progress. Its also why we errantly look for one messianic leader. Do not be deceived. All the individualism and worship of self in the Western context will not lead to Afrikan progress. In fact, often the opposite because the system often makes that individual progress come at the expense of nation-building and kujichagulia. Individual healing in an Afrikan context is not the same as collective healing. Moreover among Afrikans it is believed that you cannot ultimately heal completely as an individual without your village being made well. It’s a dialectical relationship rather than a sequential one prioritizing the self.


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