Afrikan Dependence On The State And The Failure Of The Church

Just as I am certain that the Lord, were He incarnated in the flesh in the US today, would not remotely identify with the neofascists or neoconservatives claiming Christianity on the “right,” I also do not believe Christ would have been considered a Eurocentric liberal. More likely a libertarian based on His own statements, along the lines of “render under Caesar what is Caesar’s.”

He recognized that government had a role to play, but He explicitly taught His disciples that it was they and those He trained in the body of Christ, known as His church, that would, by the Holy Spirit, do the most important work of attending to the needs of the people. They were taught to personally feed the hungry, heal the sick, study and share knowledge and so on. Christian eschatology, believed Rome and its mode of rule would pass away so Christ did not want His followers dependent on Rome. He actually juxtaposed His kingdom to that of the world as in “be in the world, not of the world” and the basis of the idea of progressive sanctification is to be transformed into Christ’s image as servant of God through one’s loving service to mankind. I think the confusion Afrikans have today in their incestuous adultery with their psychopathic abuser, the US government is related to two historical, and equally errant streams of thought. One they share with all citizens here involving the rendering of patriotism and allegiance to the state as an obligatory secular religion (I pledge allegiance to a flag? No. God.) The other we bare alone and that is the ideology of “integration” which replaced belief in ourselves and our own institutions and what we could do and had always done among ourselves with God’s help, with the idea that we could only survive by becoming as other than ourselves and relying on others. The state then became the only vehicle for attaining collective survival and historical ignorance, aided by Eurocentric liberals and conservatives alike, makes us think it has always been that way. For more than 400 years the state was for us a terrorist organization in terms of our education, our families, our security, everything. We did for ourselves, among ourselves, with a few “good whites” help because we had no other choice. The liberal Democratic rhetoric is that that same state changed its mind about us 50 years ago, despite every piece of empirical data on its conduct towards us and our persistent inequality since then that contradicts the supposed 60s revolution that wasn’t.
Christ’s kingdom was not and is not the state but the church, or community of believers. Originally the churches did build the schools, hospitals, the social service infrastructure in our communities. Today the churches are so focused on being businesses, enriching clergy, and individual prosperity that they fail to do christ’s work and thus we are left with the reliance on the state. Afrikan kujichagulia, Christian or otherwise, was never Eurocentric liberalism concerning the state because until the 1970s the state could not be the object of any legitimate Afrikan focus. 
Afrikan churches could singlehandedly fund our full employment, health care, housing, and food needs if they were collectively so inclined. They are not which is why, they are, as scripture says, doomed in revelation.


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