REvolutionary possibilities

There is a danger in equating white SOCIAL ideology with any particular personal cognitive state.  The fact that racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and other systems of Eurocentric oppression exist and effect each of our lives daily does not mean we have to accept the socially constructed categories of those systems, mandating superiority and privilege for some and inferiority and disadvantage and discrimination for others as our personal identity. For example, while white supremacy and privilege may remain social realities, they cannot mandate that an individual person who would normally be classified as “white” accept that definition of themselves. I think of this as a type of social dramaturgy along the lines suggested by Goffmann. Critical in the “theatre of slavery” was the “roles” of slave and master. The system was challenged and eventually overthrown by the proliferation of individuals who refused to play the social scripts associated with those roles. Therein lives the potential for social changes. The more Afrikans refuse to “play” the inferior and Europeans refuse to “play” the superior in white supremacy, the more the status quo is challenged and the more revolutionary social change possibilities are opened up.


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