Truthtelling on Sexual and Physical Violence

Put simply, after 400 plus years of sexual assault and rape inflicted upon us by our oppressors and often, employing us as rapists for hire in slavery, we learned to tolerate this as perpetrators, even honoring their prowess, and as victims, knowing that no one would be held accountable. After slavery we had adopted the slavemasters culture of rape and assault but with the twist that we had the larger issue of protecting the community from white supremacy. So today 3 of 4 Afrikan women in the US is raped or assaulted, a lot underage with still no real legal recourse, the same trauma and family and relationship destruction, and with the perennial excuse that exposing and dealing with the perpetrating monsters who feast on our boys and girls and women is some kind of traitorous act to our unity. Same deal for physical violence against partners and children. Our churches, organizations, and a large portion of the so called conscious movement intentionally ignore this because they are all heavily implicated.


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