Be Not the Walking Dead

The idea that Afrikans have to blindly continue a practice collectively merely because they find it somewhere in their history and/or tradition is idiotic and ironically un-Afrikan. A people behave in a manner concordant with their level of knowledge. As they gain knowledge and wisdom, their conduct and habits SHOULD change as a function of them becoming wiser. You actually disrespect our ancestors and their perennial quest to understand all things and their seeking of knowledge when you argue that you must slavishly follow their practices, even when they are hurtful or errant to the masses of the people or their collective interests towards liberation from oppression. Afrikans believe in eternal evolution, not necessarily the Eurocentric theory of evolution, but the notion that the universe is dynamic, alive, and evolving. Our history establishes that definitively in our capacity as a collective to endure and adapt to the myriad of circumstances we have had to encounter in history, “modern” history in particular. That which fails to evolve is seen as “dead” or certainly as worthy of death.


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