The Inherent Flawed Economy Logic of Boycotts Without Kujichagulia

If I take my money away only to put it back in the same exploitive place at some future time, there is a fatal flaw in my strategy. The opponent knows I do not have and have no plans to build a market alternative to his enterprises, so all he or she has to do is wait me out or make some symbolic or temporary gesture in the direction of my interests and they get back all the money I temporarily withheld. Malcolm described a scenario where a restaurant is explicitly racist. I protest to get in and get served, rather than taking my money and building my own restaurant. At the end if the day, my victory is having forced myself in someone else’s racist restaurant, forced myself to take the risk of eating there, and forced myself to support a business that has no intention of supporting my community with jobs and investment. So don’t boycott Nike, lets have all the brothers go in together and create the Afrikan Basketball Shoe Company. THAT and not begging is power on a global scale. Boycotting Nike without your own shoe company is just putting a purchase on layaway. And the same for everything else.


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